The Healthcare Sector is highly regulated, both nationally and globally, and those who work in this field require specialized legal advice.  We, at Kaul Healthcare Consultants, have, over the last decade, developed strong professional relationships with some of the most respected law firms in the US, and incorporate this knowledge into our strategic planning. A critical component of our Consultancy Strategy is to ensure that our clients are legally compliant with state and federal healthcare regulations.



The reputation of a medical practice is critical to its economic survival. A well formulated communications strategy is invaluable at times when bad press threatens the integrity of the organization. At Kaul Healthcare Consultants, we recognize the importance of swiftly addressing any negative press, while continuing to develop and promote the strengths of the business. Our company has professional relationships with experts in digital media and incorporates this expertise into our strategic Business Development to create a strong digital presence.


Kaul Healthcare Consultants was founded by Dr. Richard Arjun Kaul, a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, who, in 2005, performed the first outpatient minimally invasive lumbar inter-body fusion. Between 2002-2012 Dr Kaul developed one of the most successful minimally invasive spine practices in the US. In addition to his clinical work, Dr Kaul has trained physicians globally, and brings this educational experience to the company.


The economic optimization of a Healthcare Business requires a detailed analysis of its weaknesses and potential opportunities. We at Kaul Healthcare Consultants understand the complexities of the US reimbursement system and have a proven track record of financial success. This experience positions our company ahead of our competitors, and allows our clients to benefit from knowledge, that can only be obtained from decades of dealing with the health insurance industry.



The risk profile associated with medicine can expose the business and its practitioners to both professional and personal liability. Kaul Healthcare Consultants mitigates these risks by providing advice and strategic planning based on decades of experience. Our company develops strategies that optimize revenue generation and mitigate risk. We, at Kaul Healthcare Consultants will provide expertise, knowledge and experience to enable you to carry out the crucial work of your Medical Practice, secure in the knowledge that you will be supported both in planning strategically to minimize risk and to deal with any challenges that may threaten your achievements. Together we will ensure confidence, security and success